Mayor Hancock, Denver officials in London during Friday terrorist attack

DENVER – Mayor Michael Hancock and other leaders from the City of Denver were in London on Friday when a terrorist attack happened at a subway station.

A homemade explosive set a fire on a train; 29 people were hurt.

Hancock found out as he was walking into the London Stock Exchange. He and other members of the Denver delegation were set to open the day.

Part of the Denver team, including Police Chief Robert White and Commander Tony Lopez, were using the transit system at the time of the attack, but everyone was unharmed.

"We were probably four or five miles from the alleged incident, so I wanted to make sure they were okay first. And you want to account for all the members of our delegation. Once we did that, then the next step was to let the people in Denver know we were all okay," the mayor told Next with Kyle Clark in a phone call from London.

Hancock says it seemed to be business as usual in London. Not many people talked about the event or focused their day around what happened.

"It’s been an amazing thing to observe first-hand," Hancock said. "Obviously, what terrorists want to do is disrupt your everyday normal practices and what you see here in London is, make sure that people are able to do that."

Denver is represented in London this week to celebrate Norwegian Air’s nonstop flights between the two cities, and promote tourism in Colorado.

For all those wondering, Hancock says he already has a new Norwegian airplane to add to his desk collection.

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