Fun Things To Do In Denver During The Winter

Denver definitely has a cold winter, but it is punctuated with temperatures that can climb into the 60’s or 70’s and plummet to below freezing. You never know what the weather is going to do, but generally, winter isn’t too uncomfortable. There are plenty of fun things to do in the winter and many of the events are free.

Every year from November to February, Denver has a free ice skating rink at Skyline Park. There is a small fee if you need to rent ice skates. Ice skating is a fun activity to enjoy right in the heart of downtown. There are lots of Christmas festivals and markets to enjoy. You can do some shopping and enjoy some seasonal treats.

Every year the city lights up downtown before Christmas and they have a big celebration. You can see the fireworks on New Year’s Eve and there are lots fun events. It doesn’t take too long to drive up the mountains to ski and you will find some of the best ski spots in the country in Colorado.

Denver is a safe city and it is a clean city that makes it more fun to visit. It looks beautiful in the winter when snow is falling or when there is some fresh snow on the ground. You get to enjoy many types of activities when you visit Denver in the Winter and it is a place you are going to want to visit again and again.

Being in the snow in the winter is a great thing and it is really fun if you don’t live in a state that gets a lot of snow. Denver winters are mild and this makes them more bearable than the winters that you find in other states.

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