Dancing Ledge Productions Teams with ‘Transparent’ Co-Writer Faith Soloway on ‘Super Sensitives’

Laurence Bowen’s Dancing Ledge Productions is teaming with “Transparent” co-writer Faith Soloway to make its first series, “Super Sensitives” (working title).

“Super Sensitives” is comedy drama which follows a group of characters “who are allergic to the modern world,” stated Dancing Ledge Productions.

“I am so excited to be partnering with Dancing Ledge. We are taking on voices and stories I’ve always been fascinated with but have never seen told in a comedic tone,” said Soloway.

“Playing against the grain is the most exciting thing as a writer. I cannot wait for this challenge,” added Soloway.

Soloway is a writer on the Golden Globe-winning Amazon series “Transparent.” She is currently writing the premiere episode of the show’s upcoming fourth season.

“Faith (Soloway) is such fun to work with! The quality and big heartedness of her writing hits you between the eyes from the off and I’ve been a huge fan of hers for years,” said Bowen, who recently scored Dancing Ledge’s first commission with Porters for UKTV.

Bowen added that the story of “Super Sensitives” will be set in the US.

Dancing Ledge is currently developing several projects with a pool of established writers, including Mark Gatiss, Chris Cole, Jon Donnelly, Nathaniel Martello White and Guy Hibbert.

The company is also working with emerging talent such as Caroline Bartleet, Daniel Rusteau, Jessica Ruston and Ben Okrent via a writer’s programme, monthly workshops and an the Writer in Residence Bursary initiative.

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